• Planned Maintenance?  Why Bother?

    HVAC and refrigeration systems are critical in many businesses.  In order for your business to be successful you need to know your equipment is in good working order.  It is very important to perform planned maintenance on all your equipment to help prevent break downs and critical loss of equipment operation.   

    What We Offer

    Just as your vehicles need regular tune-ups and maintenance to keep running smoothly, so does your refrigeration and HVAC equipment.  Taking the time to regularly clean and check key components is the most effective way to help your equipment last longer and save you money on energy and repair costs.

    What We Offer

    When you schedule a maintenance inspection with Koldcraft Refrigeration Service LLC, our technicians will come to your location and perform these effective maintenance tasks:

    • Check the overall conditional of your equipment and tighten any loose panels or covers
    • Clean the condenser coil and blades
    • Check the operation of all fans and ensure the air flow is unobstructed
    • Inspect the electrical wiring and components
    • Check and record temperature, pressures and amperage draws
    • Check and record the voltage at the compressor
    • Oil and lube motors, where applicable
    • Check condition of and clean door gaskets and hardware

    Your Options

    We can customize a maintenance program to meet your exact needs.  Whether you have one piece or many pieces of equipment, we can prepare a plan of action that will be cost-effective and complete.

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